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Hi, I'm Grace.  

I am a UX/UI Designer who enjoys designing human-centered products that make people happy.

Some of my recent projects

Early interests and inspirations

I've always had a passion for creating in the digital space. I taught myself Photoshop and Sony Vegas by age 12 and felt inspired by how software gave me the ability to tell visual stories with endless possibilities, without the need for costly supplies and materials.


When I was 19, I began designing jewelry as a hobby, having acquired all my knowledge and materials from online sources. Shortly thereafter I opened up an Etsy shop that turned my hobby into a part-time job and ended up paying for a significant chunk of my college. I feel grateful to have grown up during a time where technology makes knowledge, growth, and avenues for exploring our potential so much more accessible. 

How I got started in UX/UI design

I studied psychology as an undergrad which gave me the opportunity to dive into my passion. After graduation, I knew that I wanted to work in a field where I could apply my knowledge, tap into my creativity, and have the opportunity to transform peoples' lives with technology in the same way it has transformed mine. That same summer, I took on an internship at a local startup, which led to my first UX job. During my first year at work, I simultaneously pursued my Master's in Human-Computer Interaction & Design from UC Irvine. I hope to design intuitive, life-changing products.

What I've been working on 

I've been working as a UX/UI designer for two years. In my spare time, I take on freelance design projects, volunteer work, and work on personal projects. I am constantly challenging myself and teaching myself new skills and exploring new perspectives to help myself grow as a designer.



UX/UI design and research for a HIPAA-compliant product that improves heart disease patients' well-being through access to a greater patient community and personalized resources  

My Roles

UX/UI Designer (Lead)

UX Researcher 

Nice to meet you.

I enjoy UX design because it represents the intersection of three fields I am passionate about: psychology, technology, and design. I have 2 years of product design experience, a B.S. in Psychology, and a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction & Design.